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The first step to knowing what kind of Kinetico system you need is with a water test. Testing your water will give us a good indication of what is in your water and be able to better recommend a Kinetico water filtration system that is tailored to your home’s water chemistry.  Contact us to schedule your free water test today!

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Kinetico of Placerville services water softeners, neutralizers, reverse osmosis systems, whole house filtration systems and UV sanitizers. Our trustworthy service technicians will treat your equipment with care and make sure everything is running smoothly. We recommend your water filtration systems are serviced annually and in your yearly Kinetico service appointment, we will re-test your water to ensure everything is working properly. Our service department is also available to do salt deliveries and system inspections in El Dorado, Amador, Placer and Calaveras counties. If you have any issues with your system, our knowledgeable service technicians can diagnose the issue for you and recommend solutions. We are here to help! Contact us at (530) 535-8774 x1  to get on our service schedule.


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If you are researching a Kinetico system, you’ll find that we have the best in whole house filtration systems. Our water specialists can come to your home and test your water and to over the results with you and help you determine the best system for your water issues. Kinetico water systems provide non-electric systems which don’t go down when the power goes out. Our systems have long lifespans and are reliable. Homeowners trust our equipment and recommend our Kinetico water filtration systems over the competition. We have a 100% integrity rating and return customers who have been loyal to Kinetico of Placerville for over 30 years. Contact our office to schedule your free in-home water testing and learn more about our Kinetico home water systems today! Call (530) 535-8774 x1


Kinetico offers the best in water treatment solutions. Our systems solve water staining, water spots, hard water, foul odors, appliance damage, pipe corrosion and provide top-of-the-line sediment filtration, UV sanitation, and excellent tasting drinking water solutions. We customize our solutions for every customer. It all starts with a water test to ensure that your solution will combat your specific water issues. Our solutions can help reduce chlorine, contaminants, sediments, and iron in your water and take out the gunk! Kinetico of Placerville specializes in well water and city water issues, our experts can develop a plan for your home and provide all-inclusive no surprise pricing. We guarantee our work and we stand behind our products with warranties and service plans. Simply said, we fix water! Contact Kinetico today to learn more about our water system treatment solutions. (530) 535-8774 x1


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Who Is Kinetico Of Placerville?

Who is Kinetico of Placerville

So much more
than a water store

Kinetico of Placerville supplies and installs Water Softeners, Drinking Water Systems, and Water Filters made by Kinetico Water Systems. We also offer yearly maintenance programs for servicing your Kinetico system. We are your local authorized, independent Kinetico dealer for El Dorado, Amador, Nevada, Calaveras, and Placer counties. We also have a water store in Placerville located at 1224-C Broadway, where you can purchase our reverse osmosis filtered water and fill 5-gallon bottles with our great-tasting water. We also sell water filtration filters at our water store. In addition to sales, we also do water testing at our water store. The store is open from 9-5, Monday through Saturday.


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Our customers appreciate the Kinetico difference—one that flows from the superior design and performance of our products straight through to our service. Kinetico Water Systems provides the most effective water treatment custom fit to your home. You can count on our friendly professionals to treat your water and your family right.

Kinetico Equipment is Tested by the Water Quality Association to ANSI standards

The Water Quality Association (WQA), is the trade organization for the water quality improvement industry.  It is a non-profit, international organization that provides educational and technical assistance and standardized industry testing for water treatment products. WQA has developed industry standards, and it tests products for the following:

  • Product Performance
  • Equipment Capacity
  • Simulation Testing
  • Select Kinetico products have been tested and certified by WQA to perform as claimed


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