El Dorado County Kinetico Service Appointments

Homes With Water Filtration Systems – In Escrow

The real estate market in El Dorado County is HOT! We are finding a lot of customers are selling their homes and the new buyers from out of the area aren’t necessarily aware of how to take care of a water treatment system and what to do to maintain it and what is required and recommended for servicing.

El Dorado County has spots where water can be downright nasty. Our Kinetico water filtration systems are found throughout thousands of homes in the county. We provide annual maintenance service appointments to keep systems running smoothly. We find that most customer’s systems require yearly service. That can change in areas with really bad water and water filtration systems can get clogged more frequently if the water is bad. We take those on a case-by-case basis and may recommend a more aggressive scheduled maintenance plan for every three months and in some cases, every month.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your water treatment equipment, call us, we can help you determine how often it needs to be serviced and we can have a technician service it and do an equipment orientation so you’ll know what to do from month to month and how to keep an eye on it.

Basic service appointments are always available and it is better to be proactive and take care of your system before it turns into an emergency situation where you are dealing with a clogged filter because it wasn’t changed early enough.

Kinetico of Placerville has technicians in El Dorado County daily and we are here to help.