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Water Delivery in Placerville?

Vertex Water Cooler

Water Delivery in Placerville?

We get the question quite often if we do water delivery in Placerville, CA.

We do things a little differently, we provide Vertex water filtration systems that are bottleless and connect to your water source so you don’t need to have water delivered to your office or business but can still enjoy the great taste of professionally filtered water. We have rental programs for businesses that start at $35/month.

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What’s in Your Water? Placerville, CA

Kinetico Water of Placerville Water Filters

What’s In Your Water? Placerville, CA

This customer lives in Placerville and her water is black!

What’s the cause?
Normally black water is attributed to iron and magnesium found in the well water.  Often times when magnesium is found in water it turns black when exposed to oxygen.  Kinetico Water of Placerville offers whole house filtration systems and filters that filter out this troublesome problem.

If you have issues with your water, we can help. Our local water specialists can pinpoint what the cause is of your water issues and also give you options for treating your water. We’re your local water experts and have been treating water in the Placerville area for over 30 years.  The best way to handle a dirty water problem is to leave it to the experts! We are here to help and we offer free consultations.

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Salty Water – Placerville, CA

Salty Water Issues, Placerville, CA

Problem: Salty Water from Western Water Softener

Solution: This customer purchased a new Kinetico S250-XP which is a residential dual-tank non-electric water softener. This unit comes with a 10 year warranty and comes with a pre-filter to filter out sediments.

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Auburn Home Show 2021

Auburn Home Show 2021

This year’s Auburn Home show is a wrap. We had many visitors at our booth who were interested in improving their water. Homeowners from Auburn, Roseville, Lincoln, Newcastle and Colfax attended the show. We showcased our K5 Drinking Water System which is a reverse osmosis system that purifies drinking water. If you missed us at the booth and are interested in any of our drinking water or water filtration systems, give us a call! (530)621-4200.

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Hard Water Issues – Sutter Creek, CA

Sutter Creek Kinetico Install

Hard Water Issues – Sutter Creek, CA

Problem: This customer who was located in Sutter Creek, CA in Amador county had hard water 14gpg.

Solution: New Kinetico S250-XP non-electric water softener

Residential Dual-Tank Non Electric Softener
– For Iron and Hardness removal
– Provides clean water 24/7
– 10 year warranty
– Includes pre filter
– Includes 200 LBs of salt

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Sulfur Issues – Shingle Springs

Sulfur Issues - Shingle Springs

Sulfur Issues – Shingle Springs

Issue: This Kinetico customer in Shingle Springs, CA had smelly water that smelled like rotten eggs.

Solution: We installed a Kinetico Sulfur Guard system which is a backwashing filter that has dual tanks and is completely non-electric and is simple and reliable.

Sulfur Guard filters provide a solution for handling rotten egg water.  Kinetico Sulfur Guard systems are low maintenance and are a solid solution for smelly water issues.

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Homes With Water Filtration Systems – In Escrow

El Dorado County Kinetico Service Appointments

Homes With Water Filtration Systems – In Escrow

The real estate market in El Dorado County is HOT! We are finding a lot of customers are selling their homes and the new buyers from out of the area aren’t necessarily aware of how to take care of a water treatment system and what to do to maintain it and what is required and recommended for servicing.

El Dorado County has spots where water can be downright nasty. Our Kinetico water filtration systems are found throughout thousands of homes in the county. We provide annual maintenance service appointments to keep systems running smoothly. We find that most customer’s systems require yearly service. That can change in areas with really bad water and water filtration systems can get clogged more frequently if the water is bad. We take those on a case-by-case basis and may recommend a more aggressive scheduled maintenance plan for every three months and in some cases, every month.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your water treatment equipment, call us, we can help you determine how often it needs to be serviced and we can have a technician service it and do an equipment orientation so you’ll know what to do from month to month and how to keep an eye on it.

Basic service appointments are always available and it is better to be proactive and take care of your system before it turns into an emergency situation where you are dealing with a clogged filter because it wasn’t changed early enough.

Kinetico of Placerville has technicians in El Dorado County daily and we are here to help.

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Reverse Osmosis Benefits – Placerville City Water

Safe Drinking Water – Placerville, CA

Water quality can be an issue with city water sources. Kineitco of Placerville has solutions!

Our K5 Drinking Water Systems provide safe drinking water for your family, right from the tap! We have affordable solutions where you won’t have to lug in drinking water into your home or deal with bottles. Our reverse osmosis systems are state of the art and include flexible filter solutions to tailor to your needs.

Learn more from our water experts and schedule your free in-home appointment today!

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Neutralizer – Placerville, CA

Kinetico Neutrliazer - Placerville, CA

Kinetico Neutralizer – Placerville, CA

Greg H.

Problem: This customer had a Culligan Neutralizer that was no longer working and wanted to upgrade.

Solution: We installed a Kinetico Powerline Neutralizer which protects appliances, fixtures, and clothing from iron staining, and eliminates the rotten-egg odor caused by hydrogen sulfide gas in your water with these electric, single-tank systems.

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Cloudy Water – Jackson, CA

Cloudy Water - Jackson, CA

Cloudy Water – Jackson, CA

Frankie D.

Problem: Cloudy Water

Solution: Kinetico of Placerville installed a Kinetico S350XP Water Softener which is a light commercial non-electric softener built to handle heavy hardness and iron removal. This system includes a dual tank for clean water backwash.

The photo shows her water before and after the system. The system removed the cloudy water which was caused by hardness and iron.

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Chlorine Smell and Taste In Water

Dechlorinator, Fair Oaks

Chlorine Smell & Taste In Water

Betty Ann B.

Problem: The customer didn’t like the smell and taste of the chlorine in her city water. This customer is on Municipal city water. City water tends to have levels of added Chlorine which is used to kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can be present in the water. Most customers have issues with the taste and smell of chlorinated water in their homes. The taste can range from a musty or earthy to a chemical taste.

Solution: We tested the water at the home and recommended a Whole house sediment filter and Kinetico dechlorinator and Kinetico K5 drinking water station. The dechlorinator acts as a whole house chlorine filtration system.  The K5 drinking water station provides high-quality, pure water for drinking and cooking and includes lead-free designer faucet.

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Orange Staining On Fixtures, Appliances and Toilets – Jackson

Orange Stains Dishwasher - Jackson
Orange Stains Toilet - Jackson

Orange Stains on Fixtures, Appliances and Toilet – Jackson

Jason T.

Problem: The customer is getting orange stains on toilet, dishasher and sinks.

Solution: The customer’s water was tested and found to have a hardness of 30. High iron is often found in well water in the Jackson, California area and is a common problem. The solution is a Kinetico MACH 2100S Water Softener. This water softener system a robust unit with a high flow rate and a large salt capacity. The dual tank technology allows for an unlimited supply of clean, conditioned water and enables system to regenerate with clean, conditioned water.

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Contaminants in Water – Placerville

Contaminants in Water – Placerville

Jose R.

Problem: The customer had a full spectrum water test which tests for a variety of organic and inorganic chemicals in water and was found to have a high content of contaminants present in their water.

Solution: We installed a Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station to filter out the chemical contaminants found in the water.

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Bad Tasting Water

Bad Tasting Water - Folsom

Bad Tasting Waster

Ray B.

Problem: Bad taste in city water

Solution: Installation of Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station in the customer’s pantry.

The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station removes contaminants from water and is a good fit for customers with city water where the taste is bad. It produces more than 40 gallons of water per day and has multiple options for filtration to fit your specific water filtration needs.

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